“Says Abraham” by TROLN

TROLN is a four piece band from Denmark. They consider themselves to be a psych rock/post punk/neo noir goth pop group. The four members of TROLN are vocalist Helene Navne, Christian Rønn plays the organ and keys, Henrik Liebgott is the guitarist, and Thomas Olsen keeps the beat with all things drums, including making beats.

“Says Abraham” is the second release from TROLN, you got to get a great taste of them with their first self titled album release. According to the group, this is a song about devotion to a person, a god or a spiritual leader- not necessarily in a good way. The song is rooted in a violent organ riff from which the story about a creature ‘Abraham’ arises with the sound and drama of a murder ballad.

The song takes you back to the 80s, and you instantly feel the darkness of TROLN. Post punk and goth make the greatest relationship, and once you add the opera like vocals from Helene, you get the amazing sounds of TROLN. The creepy video that follows along the story of Abraham will make you crave more TROLN. After you listen to “Says Abraham”, you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing their album “TROLN”.

Now that TROLN is your favorite band, you have no choice but to obsess over them until they release more music or you see them live. Follow the socials so you can keep up with your new favorite band.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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