“The Mothman EP” by Mothman, The Man

The long awaited, “The Mothman EP” has finally arrived. This four piece garage/punk band from Falmouth, UK consists of The Mothman himself aka Connor Childs as the songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Billy Mattock as the drummer and also on the flugelhorn, there is also guitarist Finley Kelly and producer Billy Tucker who is also the bassist.

Mothman, The Man has been a project of Connor for quite a while and in the past year things have finally started to come together. They all met through Falmouth University and although the group has gone through different line ups, they have finally found the complete group and things are looking up.

If you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World, that is your next task after you’re done obsessing over “The Mothman EP”. The first song is “Scott Pilgrim Type Beat” which instantly puts you in fight mode, get ready to level up because this song is out of this world.

According to Connor, the entire ethos behind this album was about breaking out of the covid affected shell that was created. The entire message of the album at the end of the day is to be comfortable in your skin and accept and respect all your flaws and work on them however you can.

Once you’re good and pumped up from “Scott Pilgrim Type Beat” you get switched over to a bass heavy song “Formaldehyde”…Formaldehyde is described as a colorless, strong-smelling, flammable chemical, which is a fitting title for this song is it’s very strong in the bass, the song makes you want to explode and start a mosh pit.

As The Mothman EP goes on you get into a heavier song, “Headlights”. You are officially in the mosh pit and all you want to do is rage, Mothman, The Man provides a safe space to do that. You will keep getting more and more of your feelings out as the EP rages on and on.

“Mothman, Pts. 1 & 2” is perhaps the slower side of Mothman, The Man. As the EP comes to the end, you can’t help but to grab your lighter and lift it in the air and sway back and forth with it lit. As the group serenades you, they will quickly become your favorite band, the post punk, garageband easily reels you in with their amazing songs, you can’t help but to love them.

With things speeding up in the end of “Mothman Pts 1 & 2”, it’s clear to see more of Mothman, The Man in Pt 2. Circling up for one last mosh with the boys.

“I don’t care how shitty the guitar sounds. If it sounds like it’s being recorded on a 2006 Motorola we’re doing it right.” -Connor

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Elizabeth Alison





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