“Wijic” by Sky Canyon

Sky Canyon is a jazz artist that currently resides in Boulder, CO. He has been in the music game for over 50 years, “Wijic” features Justin Adams on piano, Ron Bland as the upright bassist and drummer Mike Marlier are making jazz music that everyone can love. One of the latest singles, Wijic is the classic swing jazz feel, this is great to vibe out to and also a song that you can get deeply involved in.

Grab an old fashioned and get ready to relax, “Wijic” is the perfect song to vibe out to and just be alone in a crowd. It’s the song you want to see live, you can only imagine the type of atmosphere they provide when they play live. Sky Canyon is clearly doing something right, it seems like everyone is taking notice of the artist. With over 20,000 listens and 23,000 monthly listeners Sky Canyon is gaining amazing traction.

The soft sounds of the piano will get your mind right, “Wijic” will make you feel happy while listening to it. If you’re not into to dancing you will be, so get a partner because Sky Canyon will give you that “swing” bug. You can see why they have been in the industry for as long as they have, you can hear it in the music. Sky Canyon is soon to become a favorite of yours, don’t miss out on him.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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