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“The Old Town Bar” by Drops of Indigo

April 15, 2022 brought many things, but we are here to talk about one of the songs it brought us – “The Old Town Bar” by Drops of Indigo. The Sweden-based band has members with Norwegian and Spanish backgrounds and is comprised of Linda Jeanette (vocals), Dabbe Karlsson (Vocals, guitar), Mattias Söderberg (lead guitar), Adrian Keilty (bass), Annika Fritzson (keys, piano), and Sara Lundmark on drums.

But, let’s talk about “The Old Town Bar” – Drops of Indigo’s members say “They all have their stories and they meet in the music. The only place that makes them forget about their sorrows and worries. The only place that can help them to find their way back to the happiness in their hearts and put their minds at ease for a while.” It makes sense that a bar could be a safe space for a group of friends or individuals whose stories are being told and shared. The lyrics kind of romanticize this scene at the bar which is only aided by Linda Jeanette’s light and dreamy vocals. 

The natural acoustic instrumentals of Drops of Indigo are simple and beautiful alone. Somehow they become incredibly effective when combined with the lyrics, which were written by Linda Jeanette. It’s a phenomenal story of how friendships are formed. 

“The Old Town Bar” has to be one of my favorite songs of the month and I have listened to so many amazing songs. There’s just something to be said about the natural form of music. For more of the folksy Drops of Indigo, be sure to follow them on their socials linked below. 

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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