“Wine & Hair Dye” by Blind Season

Detroit, MI brings you two piece group Blind Season. Wine & Hair Dye latest song to be released from the duo and is the first song in the trilogy and the last for the album. Right now Blind Season has two official band members, vocalist and guitarist Shane Sigro and Mike Paraski as bassist and on backing vocals. For live shows, they reach out to friends to fill in.

This is a very depressing song and although there isn’t a lot of memory in writing it, it’s still a very powerful song. Blind Season said it’s very specific and honest and the closing line of this songs sums up the album in a way, which is why it’s the last song.

Upon playing “Wine & Hair Dye”, you will instantly understand why over 30,000 people have fallen in love with this song. It’s is very much an angsty, throw shit around your bedroom type song. Blind Season is tapping into all of your sadness with this song.

You can really feel the emotion behind “Wine & Hair Dye”, it takes you back to a more nostalgic time. You feel like you are a teenager again sitting in your room at 5am watching MTV videos and falling in love with every single song that made you feel less alone.

Blind Season has really created something magical with this single. It’s hard to not like the song when it’s so loveable. The duo will become a favorite in your eyes and you won’t be ale to stop yourself from obsessing over them.

“Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall are easy for the eye to recognize. The seasons we are blind to, can happen within ourselves” – Blind Season

Written by Jaye Maverick





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