“Strange Comfort” by Burn Like Stars

Albany, NY artist Burn Like Stars is the solo project of Lloyd Ratalsky who is the vocalist. With only four singles released so far, it’s amazing how much traction he as already received. He already has over 33,000 listens and 8,000 monthly listeners thus far. On this track, Lloyd is not alone, “Strange Comfort” is featuring vocalist Christian Roche from Diamonds to Dust.

According to Burn Like Stars, “Strange Comfort” is about battling depression and having that negativity follows you around, weighing you down. He thinks it’s important to write about real topics that could possible help others through tough times. Which is something to admire, when an artist makes a song that you can relate to it’s easy to start to love them more. You will be easily enticed to listen to the other three singles that have been released.

This hard hitting yet melodic song will have you so deep in your feelings but it in a positive way, it makes you want to address what’s going on within yourself. You will want to play this song on repeat, as you keep watching the nostalgic feeling video.

Battling with inner demons can be hard and the video associated with the song seems to address that. Lloyd will go far in music because he truly is a talented artist. You will be obsessed with Burn Like Stars…..but a healthy obsession.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Maximus Demers




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