“Dear Friends” by Jon Sandman

Sweet and powerful indie rock with a blissful nostalgic core, “Dear Friends” is a hypnotizing new songle from Jon Sandman.

The magnetic soul of “Dear Friends” is found in Sandman’s gorgeous lyricism that evokes a mournful hope atop the nostalgic soft rock phrasing. Mixed expertly, his vocals glide across smooth bass work and a catchy drum groove with purpose and grace, flowing from one note to the next in an effortless fashion that makes the addictive vocal melody all the more engaging. While the music has hints of 2000’s rock and soft rock of the 2010’s, Sandman’s lyricism and storytelling ability elevate it above simplistic characterizations to define “Dear Friends” as something wholly unique. Wonderfully familiar in places but with just the right amount of modern pop sensibilities to blend perfectly.

“Dear Friends” is about growing apart from old friends and that tangible loneliness that’s so personal but universal. The catchy melodies and classic rock formula make us reminisce on the good times, just as Sandman’s lyrics reminisce on his.

The firs single from his upcoming EP, “Dear Friends” explores a charismatic soundscape with the old school maturity we’ve grown to love from Sandman’s discography. Bright and crisp production keeps the track bouncing and helps give it that repeat quality. Gorgeous instrumentation alongside Sandman’s clever songwriting and lyricism makes this one of his best tracks yet. With an EP on the way and a stunning discography already available, there’s no better time to sink your teeth into Jon Sandman’s brilliant music. Stream “Dear Friends” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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