“Good Days Ahead” by Yuuf

“Good Days Ahead” is the first single release from best friends Yuuf. Guitarist Hugo Cottu, Anthony Boatright as the bassist and drummer Oliver Overgaard all just happened to meet on the London music scene. They are a band of besties who just love to spend time together creating new music and just hanging out.

According to the trio, their first song “Good Days Ahead” came from an idea guitarist Hugo had for his own music originally but then he finally brought it to the band, they like to imagine “Good Days Ahead” as a soundtrack for sunny days.

Fun…that is the first word that comes to mind when you play “Good Days Ahead”. Sexy is the second word that will pop into your head, once you hear that deep bass line, your mind will melt. The vibes of this song are just to chill out and relax while you have a huge smile on your face.

This is the song you play while you’re at the beach, in the car, or just at home, this song is made for all occasions. Especially sunny days. It’s sad when the song comes to an end because you realize you can’t binge on more of their music.

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“We just want to be the musical baby of Khruangbin and Mac DeMarco.” – Yuuf

Written by Jaye Maverick



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