“Smoked” by Teen Mortgage

Coming from Washington, D.C. is garage punk two piece band Teen Mortgage and you haven’t heard “Smoked” then you’ve been living under a rock. Vocalist/guitarist James Guile and drummer Ed Barakaukas have been breaking into the punk scene and they have crashed right through that wall. “Smoked” has generated over 10,000 listens and only more is to come.

The official “SMOKED” music video is a collab between Teen Mortgage and Superstone Skateboarding, a based skateboarding content brand and community. The duo came up with “Smoked” during the pandemic, “it’s an anthem dedicated to the escape from angst and our mundane society that skateboarding gifts you.”

If you weren’t the person who turned on MTV and watched Scarred growing up, then you were missing out and you aren’t the person who has seen the “Smoked” video from Teen Mortgage then you’re still missing out. According to the duo, the song itself is a tribute to the primal catharsis that happens while skateboarding, whether it’s landing your trick or falling on your face. 

The video makes you want to grab your skateboard and immediately hit the skatepark, the aggressive song is the perfect way to get out all of your anxiety and angst. When you watch “Smoked” you feel like you know all the guys and all the energy they have spent trying to land a trick and not quite getting it. When you fall down, you must get back up.

Get yourself hype by watching the video, then grab your board and hit the park. “Smoked” provides the motivation that you need.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Gabby Minkiewicz




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