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“waves” by Stay Illusion

Swiss band Stay Illusion released their song “waves” on April 22, 2022. The song is the third off their upcoming EP set to release this June. “Waves” was a written collaboration between Florian Fettke, Grace Willis, Joel Fahrni, Sandro Portner, and Yvo Brönnimann.

“Waves” is about losing touch with someone from what I have interpreted. “Are you better off without me?” –We ask this question too often, I feel. Maybe not aloud, but it definitely crosses our mind. “Have you got the guts to tell me you’d rather be alone” hits hard as someone who has been on both sides of this line. But what are the waves? Are they the emotions you feel as you fight with the feelings of abandonment? Are they the waves of insecurity just washing over as you break down in your head?

Musically, “waves” is a soft focus on easy percussion and keys. The song opens with a few chords on the keys with our singer, Grace Willis, being the main focus. It slowly builds up in amplitude and that hook gives us our percussion. It’s a beautiful, emotional song that showcases the singer’s talents and range. Stay Illusion recorded and wrote “waves” in Steffisburg with producer Florian Fettke. Interestingly, the song was mixed in Australia by Grammy-nominated and ARIA award-winning producer, Adrian Breakspear.

Stay Illusion is based in Thun and have been together for five years. In that time, the band has won several awards at national band competitions and gotten some airplay on Swiss radios, as well as radios all over Europe. To stay up to date with Stay Illusion, follow their socials linked below.

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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