“Blissy” by Vandal of Hearts

Coming from Glasgow, UK British artist James St. Thomas is Vandal of Hearts. He is the singer, songwriter and does all the recording himself as well. “Bad Dream” is the latest album release from Vandal of Hearts, and “Blissy” is the leading track from the album and James describes it as a tribute to music.

“Blissy” was inspired by his desire to explore what he believes music to be capable and incapable of. The profoundness of James is immaculate, his belief that, whilst music can help us feel better and provoke thought (a gift in itself), it cannot cure private ill (at least, this is what I’ve found), or, in itself, change the machinations of the world.

Now that you know about the behind the scenes of the song, you can appreciate all of it from the beginning. The twangy guitar turned road runner mixed with the drum backbeat makes you feel many different emotions throughout the song. “Blissy” is the type of song that you can get lost in, the soft vocals of James will have you daydreaming about what could and couldn’t be.

“Bad Dream” is only a click away and after listening to “Blissy” you’ll click right on over to his album. Vandal of Hearts will instantly become one of your favorite artists and “Blissy” will become a favorite song. Fade away into the music but make sure to come back.

“What I was experiencing as reality was really the product of someone else’s fantasy. One day, someone decides your life will change; the next day, it is changed. All I wanted was to take control of my reality, even if it was just for a little while. That, I think, is the power of art.” – Vandal of Hearts

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Geebz Photography


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