“Bye Bye Baby” by VVonder

VVonder is a four piece rock band coming from Winnipeg, Canada. The eclectic four piece group has released their first single “Bye Bye Baby” which will transport you right back to the 60s. VVonder is led by vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Micah Braun, Nate Jacobucci does backing vocals and keys,  also on backing vocals is Joey Penner who also kills it on bass, and the heartbeat behind the band, drummer Steve Martens. 

VVonder’s first single “Bye Bye Baby”, is almost reminiscent of The Beatles, this is the type of song that makes you want to grab a partner and dance. The fun loving song, isn’t so happy lyrically though, the type of heartbreak that comes when your loved ones ignores you.

Masking the sadness behind upbeat music is what the 60s pop was all about and VVonder has accurately captured that vibe. “Bye Bye Baby” is a kind of song that’ll make you think, “hmm maybe I’m trying too hard for someone who doesn’t care”. The moment you choose to let someone go, sometimes all you want to do is give them a smirk and say bye bye baby. VVonder did that in song version, this soon to be classic breakup song will instantly be a favorite amongst many of you.

Their first single is off to a great start, and other releases from them are much anticipated. Keep VVonder in your mind, because they will surprise you.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Aaron Brown and Mike Latschislaw,





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