“Catch A Flight” by Midnight Village

We’re likely all familiar with that cliched romantic notion of rushing to catch a last-minute flight in order to see someone you love. Midnight Village takes that idea and puts their own spin on it in “Catch A Flight,” singing about wanting to reunite with a partner while in a long distance relationship. With crisp vocals, captivating guitar riffs, and lovesick lyrics, “Catch A Flight” has all the elements of a perfect pop song.

The opening of the track sees the narrator’s partner flying away, and he says “you take a little piece of me when you go.” Right away, we can see how important this person is, and how much it hurts to be separated from them. Long distance relationships are fairly common, but their universality doesn’t make them any easier. As Midnight Village puts it, sometimes “it’s not enough, ‘cause I need you close.”

We see that this love is a little unsteady with lines like “you left your sin on my clothes” and “I don’t know if you’re coming home,” but the chorus fills us in on how deep the love goes. Lead singer Sean Kolar asks this person to just say they miss him, and he’ll immediately get on a flight to close the distance between them. 

An anthem for the doubt that can creep into long distance relationships, as well as the love that holds them together, “Catch A Flight” is a refreshing tune with a great beat. Midnight Village has a talent for blending vocals and instrumentation in a satisfying way, and this song is a prime example. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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