“Cold Shoulder” by Juliander

“Cold Shoulder” by Juliander is the perfect fusion between eighties and modern pop. The synths and orchestra hits manage to simultaneously sound like Prince and The Weeknd, giving this track an undeniable nostalgia. Not to mention, the warmly delivered vocal melodies are just infectious. It goes without saying that this track belongs on your summer playlist.

A punchy, delightful synth bounces into the intro, foreshadowing the irresistible groove that will later kick in. The synth suddenly pauses for Juliander to utter, “Hit me like a heart attack / Run it back / Girl I want to do it again.” A quiet yet intense bass and drum groove slides in under the vocals. The vocal production is crisp, perfectly gated, and bordering on a trendy, Post Malone-like sound. As the pre-chorus sneaks in, so does that synth line from the intro, but this time it seems covered and inconspicuous.

The beat softens, drums spilling out of the mix to contrast the coming chorus. Reverb and echo flow through the track, culminating in the sudden entry of the line: “Give me more than just a cold shoulder.” Lyrically, we learn that there’s a bit of a game of cat and mouse going on. The speaker is fawning after this girl that seems to be giving and taking attention at will. This push and pull makes for the perfect dance-pop song. The melody becomes long and somewhat low as the synth and drums fill out the rhythmic space, solidifying the chorus’s ultimate memorability.

If this intrigued you, the second half of the song will not disappoint. Take a listen to “Cold Shoulder,” and while you’re at it, check out the rest of Juliander’s discography. Not only is it popular, but it’s absolutely worth your time.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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