“Im okay” by Clyde Syde

Have you ever heard of talent? Great. Then you’ll love solo pop punk artist/songwriter Clyde Syde. The Leicestershire based artist that has been playing for 14 years, plays, creates and writes everything himself. The latest single from Clyde Syde, “Im okay” is another single that showcases his many talents.

His latest track speaks about loneliness and anxiety and how it can be so hard for people to speak up about it. He’s lost friends to depression so this song comes from a very personal place. “Im okay” is a very relatable song for almost anyone, when COVID took over it seemed like the entire world was depressed, lonely and/or anxious.

This emo rap song is something to be admired, you can hear and feel how Clyde Syde is baring his soul in “Im okay”. It’s the type of song you play on repeat because of the raw emotions behind it. It’s okay to not be okay and Clyde Syde is here to make sure that you know that.

As the song ends and you bob your head (maybe shed a few tears), you’ll come to realize that your emotions are okay and it’s cool to do a small deep dive into your feelings. “Im okay” from Clyde Syde is a great way to get you in and out of your head. He is an artist that you will sincerely love.

“I failed music at school but here I am, Living the dream.” – Clyde Syde

Written by Jaye Maverick





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