“Back to Me” by Dizzy Panda

“Back to Me” by Dizzy Panda has an air of mystery surrounding it. The ever-repeating, minor chord structure combined with the various ethereal effects shrouds this piece in darkness–and while the lyrical content isn’t blatantly ominous, the music gives the words a tinge of uncertainty and fixation.

The instrumentation is comprised mostly of this distorted guitar loop, casually rocking between 2 minor-derived power chords. An eerie string clip plays underneath this at times, along with an occasional flluorish of bubbling synth sounds. Each of these tools is used to layer the sound or to imply a new section is arriving. For the heavier sections, a crashing, rock-oriented drum loop fills the mix. The overall effect of this is that, although the chord structure may stay the same, the constantly evolving textures bring interest to the sound, and actually make the repetition sound perfectly intentional.

The vocals are a lovely addition to the overall balance of the song. The singer has this warm, soulful, almost Amy Winehouse-sounding tone. One might expect to hear this kind of voice crooning over some jazz or R&B, but in this alt-rock, somewhat foreboding track it offers a unique twist. The editing is rather minimal, with some light chorusing and tight reverb. This gives the vocals a clarity that is often missed in the contemporary rock scene. The lyrics harp on the speaker’s desire for someone to come back to them. Repeatedly they emphasize the singer’s infatuation and longing. Once again, the music takes this and gives it a dark, obsessive mood.

If you’re looking for a song that’ll make you think, “Back to Me” is an exemplary option. You couldn’t go wrong adding this to your alternative or indie rock playlist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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