‘What I Want’ by Masha and the Fam

We want to live in a world free of harassment. So many women are stuck in a world where random men in public feel free to open their mouths with comments that are nothing short of being demeaning and inappropriate. It’s a world that makes some of us don’t even want to go outside, due to not being able to trust the intent and nature of those around us. That’s why it’s such an important topic to tackle within the arts. This can bring problems like this into the public eye with the emotion necessary for people to understand how real they are. ‘What I Want,’ is Masha and the Fam’s new track that tells a tale of taking the power back and standing against people who use their words to objectify others. That’s why it’s such an important one to explore.

‘What I Want’ is a bluesy rock jam with a captivating sound. The bass is nice and bouncy, creating a nice catchy hook. The percussive shake is minimalistic in the right way, controlling the tempo and allowing the instruments to shine through. The guitar licks are nice and phase in and out to add diversity to the track’s sound. The horns are a really nice touch, bringing in more of that bluesy sound, which is also captured in the vocals. There’s so much to say about the vocals, actually. They’re powerful and dynamic. They have a lot of emotion behind them, and notes are belted out effortlessly. There’s also a bit of a brassy undertone to them that really helps them stand out. This track is wonderfully composed, and it utilizes so much talent in both the musicianship and production.

‘What I Want,’ is a track that shines a powerful light on the harassment that women face in everyday life. Our culture seems to be a world full of catcalling, microaggressions, and blatant harassment that gets more blatant every day. It happens on the streets. It happens in our workplaces. It even happens in our own homes at times. In this track, Masha Alexis belts out, “I’m that girl that will say no / don’t act so damn surprised / Cause you don’t know me!” The lyrics take charge and highlight the power of standing up for yourself. This track is well-written, and it definitely stands out due to its real and universal topic choice.

Masha and The Fam, headed by Masha Alexis, is a powerhouse of an alternative rock band with tons of jazzy soul-filled undertones. Masha and her Fam use their music and social media to speak up on subjects that matter, and their sound is quite entrancing. The blues tones are dashed in magically, and that’s likely because Masha grew up with music. After studying classical music, she became invested in vinyl records of blues tracks. These influences provide a basis for the amazing music this band creates. That may be why their two singles currently available sound like they’re from a band that’s been around for a while. You’re definitely going to want to check out Masha and the Fam’s debut single ‘Take My Time’ when you’re finished with ‘What I Want.’ It sounds like their sound was well developed and practiced before these singles were even released.

Written by Sage Plapp





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