‘See You Later’ by Naomi Cheyanne

There are so many love songs, but there are significantly less tracks that explore love even through a fight. Some fights within relationships are petty arguments, or they can be serious but not relationship-ending. Sometimes these arguments require space to figure out your own feelings and find the clarity of mind to approach the situation in a healthy way. This is a topic Naomi Cheyanne’s latest track, ‘See You Later,’ explores within its lyrics.

Naomi Cheyanne’s ‘See You Later’ captures an entrancing chill R&B energy. It has a little bit of a lo-fi feel instrumentally, and it floats you along as if you’re on a cloud. The synths and percussive beat pull you straight into a dreamscape, and the vocals capture you and keep you there. There’s also a behind-the-scenes video for this track which can be found at the end of this review. This video shares a bit of the song’s creation process and shows a beautiful display of Naomi’s raw vocals. It also gives a snapshot of how the harmonies are recorded and produced, which adds so much more depth to the track. If you’re looking for a sound to vibe out to, you’ve found the right place.

‘See You Later’ has a lot of passion and emotion that transcends both its sound and lyrics. It captures the story of a fight, but it delves more into the aspect of making up. This track is filled with a distinct kind of love. The kind it takes to work through difficult times and find your way back into loving arms. “You just need some time / And I just need some space / You’re thinking ‘bout moving in different ways / I hope it’s just to put us in a better place.” These lyrics acknowledge a separation that may be necessary to put things back together. Sometimes people need some space to work through their thoughts and emotions. This seems to be one of the main messages that ‘See You Later’ was created to tell.

Naomi Cheyanne is a Long Beach-based R&B pop musician with powerful vocals and a diverse sound. Many of her tracks, much like ‘See You Later,’ pull you straight into their atmosphere. There’s something dreamy and gorgeous about the music Naomi creates, and she can work within quicker bops as well. ‘See You Later’ was produced, mixed, and arranged by Daniel Robert and was also mastered by Irvin Johnson with Columbia Mastering. You should get around to checking this track out ASAP, it’s lovely.

Written by Sage Plapp





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