“Enemy” by Xavier Bernazard

Unique music can sometimes be hard to find but when you come across them you don’t want to give them up. Coming from Dallas is vocalist Xavier Bernazard who is accompanied by producer, drums and mixing engineer Nathan McCord, Alex Hodge as the bassist and guitarist Fox DeVaughn. Xavier started writing and performing music at the age of 16 in his hometown of Cagus, Puerto Rico, he met then met Nathan in 2019 and from there they started to record and mix together.

“Enemy” is the third single from Xavier and is the first single to his upcoming album “Balloons For Funeral”. If you’ve been following his then you would expect nothing less from a talented musician such as him, “Enemy” is another song that you can add to his list of greats.

“Enemy” is about recognizing yourself as your own worst enemy, no one can get in the way of your dreams except yourself. Ain’t that the truth…sometimes you tend to get in your own way. Xavier is a queer punk trying to live life the best way he can just like you. This is a song that will actually get you out of your head for once.

Queer punk musicians seem to be a rarity and finding Xavier Bernazard might just be the thing that turns your life around. Maybe you’ll feel less alone or maybe you will feel like you can finally be yourself. Whatever it may be, Xavier is the artist you want to keep around.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Madi Rae Jones, Danny Vadell, Alex Poole




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