‘Maybe’ by Bineal Roy

Most of the time when musicians break off to make a solo project, it ends up either being a bop or flop. This is due to expectations of the musician’s sound that are built up by previous works. When things are done differently, it really has to have that wow factor to bring you in. ‘Maybe’ by Bineal Roy solidifies itself as a captivating first single taking elements of his previous work to make something new and wonderful. It’s definitely a powerhouse of a debut single, and it solidifies Bineal Roy as a musician who can work well with a band or without.

‘Maybe’ by Bineal Roy has such a groove behind it. The instrumentation builds a dreamy atmosphere, and the vocals have a lot to add in terms of dynamics and power. The plucky bass and percussive beat establish a sound that pulls you in, and the addition of the long-held synths and guitars takes you and blasts you out into its atmosphere. The vocals are smooth and breathy, beautifully scooping and jumping effortlessly into higher falsetto tones. That’s not even to mention how amazing the riffs are. There’s a guitar bridge leading to the end of the track that weaves into the energy perfectly and displays captivating musicianship. This is one of those tracks that has so much to explore within its sound, and you just have to hear it for yourself.

The lyrics of ‘Maybe’ seem to tell a poetic tale of waiting on a future love. “Maybe it’s not the time / But baby you will be mine / Could there really be a sign? / Or maybe, it’s just the wine,” the chorus rings out. In many minds, this can capture a situation potently. One when you’re with someone you feel deeply in love with. There’s a connection there, but you’re unsure of whether the feelings you have are actually being returned. There’s an essence of falling in love but not truly knowing whether you’re reading into things or not. This track tells a well-captured story that’s perfect for any vivid imagination.

Bineal Roy is a Sydney, Australia-based musician and multi-instrumentalist in the Psych-rock band Adaptors. ‘Maybe’ is his first solo single, and it further solidifies his powerful musicianship and musical diversity. Adaptors is a great place to go next when you finish listening through ‘Maybe.’ This band’s music has a captivating sound that blends in tons of genres old and new. Bineal Roy started creating music solo when COVID put the band on a hiatus. This gave him the opportunity to continue making music through such a disconnected time. ‘Maybe’ is available now, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Written by Sage Plapp





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