“Miles” by Paraphon

Paraphon are a band best known for their nostalgic synths and delicate vocals. “Miles”, their latest release, is no exception. Easily blending raw intensity and beauty, this cool new song is as exciting as it is pretty.

From the throbbing bass line to the squirrly electronics, the instrumental always has something new and interesting going on. Not only that, but it manages to be busy and involved without overshadowing the gentle vocals. From the moment the first synth rings out to the song fade out I was entranced in the texture. 

Light vocals do a phenomenal job matching the intensity of the instrumental. Easily floating along, they manage to be easy-going and complement the synthesizers perfectly. The recurring drum fill is as catchy as it is iconic. I loved how well it fit in every situation, plus the fact that it would come back time and time again gave the song familiarity and something to look forward to.

Often overlooked, the band’s use of rhythmic intricacy kept the texture feeling involved without sounding cluttered. Between the drums and the arpeggiated synth lines, the instrumental constantly had something going on. Plus, they provide an awesome framework for the vocals to really soar. What sets “Miles” apart from other music is how easily these different voices and ideas meld together. Transitions would seamlessly tie different sections together without feeling jarring or losing energy. Paraphon did a phenomenal job creating a song that is fun to listen to, and manages to be both nostalgic and modern at the same time.

“Miles” by Paraphon is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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