“The Viking Princess And The Troll King” by The DePatie Melt

If you’ve had a patty melt from Whataburger then you will love The DePatie Melt. John DePatie is a guitarist from Los Angeles and the Melt is a group of rotating musicians. His original music has caught the eye of thousands of fans, you may know John DePatie from YouTube and now he is releasing music on other platforms as The DePatie Melt.

Instrumentals can be needed in life when least expected, the song was released three years ago and re released this year is perfect for how chaotic the world is. “The Viking Princess And The Troll King is one of the most calming songs you’ll listen to, despite the name making it seem like it would be a very punk heavy or metal song.

The authentic video mixed with the real vibes that The DePatie Melt provides is something that you’ll need to have in your life. The way the soft drums gives you that empathetic vibe mixed with the way the guitar opens up your brain is what you need to get past a rough day.

If your introduction into The DePatie Melt is “The Viking Princess And The Troll King” then you got a special treat, the song is ever so present in your brain after listening to it. Keep an eye on John, because he will soon be a favorite of yours, he won’t let you down with the next release.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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