“Everything We Want” by Rya Park

“Everything We Want” by Rya Park is an indie masterpiece. Rya’s smooth, warm vocal tone paired with some decadently creative lyrics make this piece sound intuitive. Sometimes, a song is just so easy to enjoy it becomes clear the artist was made to make music. Rya Park fits this sentiment like a glove.

The song begins with these warbling, nostalgic synths rumbling underneath a distant vocal line. Soon, the chorus lyrics fall in: “Paint us in the sky / Live like king and queen / Sistine Chapel vibes / It’s the best I’ve seen.” The listener is immediately transported to this regal, intricate, artistic mental image–and not only is the imagery stunning, but the symbolism implies a passion so strong it conjures feelings only replicated by one of the world’s most celebrated monuments. It can’t be stressed enough how integral the lyrics are to the genius of this song.

The verse rolls in with a few mildly-effected guitar strums and a simplistic electronic drum groove. Rya’s vocal inflections are on full display here, showcasing her inherent soulfulness and organic timbre. After a few lines, we’re catapulted right back into the chorus with what sounds almost like a prolonged, reversed cymbal, a tool often used as a tastefully climactic transition. The instrumentation ramps up, spilling bass lines and vibrant keyboard riffs into the mix. The melody from the very beginning returns with the perfect amount of catchy familiarity.

After another verse and chorus, a bridge slides in and turns the song on its head. Rya skyrockets in pitch, utilizing her head and chest voice interchangeably, and undoubtedly masterfully. The delay on the vocals has this subtly reversed sound, giving this section a slightly less down-to-earth ambiance, and maybe something a little more experimental. The chord changes depart from the previous repetitions and solidify the sectional identity. The bridge is the icing on top of a well-written, well-shaped, well-produced, and overall well-performed track. If you are in the market for an all-in-all great song, be sure to check out “Everything We Want.”

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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