‘I’ll Never Learn’ by Josh Bracken

Everyone wants to learn and grow from their experiences and treatment in life. But sometimes, it just feels like you can’t. It feels like you’re held back from changing for the better. Sometimes there isn’t much you can do in this case but sit back and feel it out, allowing yourself to understand these feelings before trying to tackle them. A song that does a great job at describing this feeling of being held back is Josh Bracken’s ‘I’ll Never Learn.’

Joshua Bracken’s ‘I’ll Never Learn’ phases you into its sound perfectly, making the music resound around your head with its use of stereo effects. It’s like the music floats around your head, and this makes the atmosphere it builds feel much more vivid. The beat in the background serves as a catchy hook with emotionally charged vocals to be built on top, and later there’s a violin sound that fades in and out. This track is dynamic and emotional. The vocals are crisp and smooth, and the music serves as the perfect space for them to be delivered on top of.

As Josh puts it, I’ll Never Learn is about, “dealing with issues in my past and how I’ve been treated by others and how I’ve treated myself. I’m saying that I’ll never learn from these things.” There’s so much raw emotion in the way he’s written this track, as feeling like you’ll never grow and learn from your difficulties can be such a powerful feeling. The lyrical picture displays a wall from growing and changing for the better, which is a wall that can be all too easy to find yourself in front of.

Josh Bracken is a Nashville-based alternative hip-hop artist with apparent raw emotion delivered through his sound. He works with tons of Lo-fi and R&B sounds within his discography, which has been developing well since he got his start in 2020. ‘I’ll Never Learn’ had a distinct influence that entered Josh’s life when he saw John Mayer live. Upon hearing the blues guitar, he had to implement that sound into his own. This shows that Josh has the ability to learn and grow from what he sees and the world around him, which makes the idea of a new release breathtaking.

Written by Sage Plapp





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