“Runaway” by Under Delusion

You know them, you love them, Under Delusion is back with another hit single, “Runaway”. The alternative rock band from Moscow features a mature band that has artists well into their thirties. The group has said to present themes of anger, love, loss and honest reflections of humanity, they call out to all the deep thinkers and out there. They provide a safe space for everyone to truly be themselves.

“Runaway” is the first single after release of debut album “Lover” which was released three months ago. The rave that the song will make you fall into a pleasant hypnotic trance and they are not lying, the soothing track transcends you into a different plane. Under Delusion has never disappointed you and why would they start now, they are a band that is unique and unmatched which is very clear to their over 20,000 fans.

This is a song that’ll be in your head on repeat over and over, if this is your first introduction to Under Delusion then it won’t be long until you dive into the rabbit hole that is Under Delusion. Once you hear one song you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing more of their music.

Under Delusion should be and will be your favorite band, they are hard to not love. With the year being only almost halfway over, you can only hope that Under Delusion will release more tracks like “Runaway”.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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