“Thea” by Ambiere

“Thea” by Ambiere is a perfect throwback to late 90s pop. If you were there for Madonna’s “Ray of Light,” or you just really love Grimes, you’re going to love this track. Doused in vocal effects, spacey synths, and droning drum samples, “Thea” has all of the ingredients for a retro dance party.

The intro sports this catchy synth riff and a wash of white noise. Ambiere’s verse comes in along with a driving, four-on-the-floor kick drum. The vocals are trailed by reverb and echo, solidifying the ethereal atmosphere. Soon, the spaciness is replaced with a quiet, intense, building section so often emblematic of House music. The bass buzzes warmly as the drums slowly become more open and fast-paced. The beat drops as Ambiere croons, “All that I know is that I love you so.” The rest of the song follows a similar arc, with break-downs and drops, satisfying the equation for the perfect EDM song.

Ambiere’s voice also adds an element of interest to the track. It’s warm and gentle, often feeling airy or whispered. Her pronunciation and inflections definitely mirror some 90s pop icons, furthering the vintage feel. The way she flips between certain notes indicates she has skill, and also a natural inclination toward musicality.

If you love electronic music in any form, you’ll love Ambiere. Her sound is a modern twist on an evocative style of pop. Whether you listen to “Thea” on a long car ride or in the club, you’ll undoubtedly receive the desired experience.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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