“Ghosts” by Danny Draycott

Anthemic alt rock with a ton of heart and passionate performances, “Ghosts” is a stunning new track from one of UK’s most exciting new artists.

Endlessly catchy and rich in Draycott’s musical charisma, “Ghosts” expands on his sound, keeping all the elements that make his music so vibrant and unique while exploring new sounds. The rhythm section is a powerhouse, pushing the track along like a freight train. It acts as the perfect body for Draycott’s impressive vocals and brilliant melodies to take front and center stage. The guitar work is stunning, with gorgeous clean and distorted ones throughout. There’s elements of Blink 182 in “Ghosts” energy and strong hooks but it’s undeniably Draycott, with its warm vocals and lush production.

Since its release, “Ghosts” has been getting a lot of traction across the UK and other countries alike. Garnering exposure on BBC Introducing and multiple radio stations and playlists around the globe, Draycott has grown a budding fanbase in the past few months. Enamored by his honest lyricism and electric sound, “Ghosts” pushes forward with ease.

At the start of an incredibly exciting career and already housing an impressive discography, “Ghosts” is the ideal track to get into Danny Draycott’s original and captivating sound. Housing catchy melodies and powerful vocals, the track is stunning from start to finish, pulling you in with its electrifying intensity and emotive lyricism. “Ghosts” is one of Draycott’s finest songs yet and a definite listen for any fans of alt-rock/pop-punk. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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