“Dust Storm Darlin’” by Elijah Mann

Photo Credit: Justin Oppus

There is a wonder in getting older, but every day we add to our own can often feel like one less with those we love, especially our elders. I’ve barely hit the middle of my 30s and already have said goodbye to two special women in my life, so when I took into account the story behind “Dust Storm Darlin’” by Elijah Mann and then listened, I was a puddle of emotional overload on the floor. 

Like Elijah Mann, I’ve had to make a journey to say goodbye to my grandmother. It was months before she passed but in my heart, I knew it was likely going to be the final time for us to share a moment. I wish I’d come up with something as heartfelt as “Dust Storm Darlin’” for her though because again – emotional overload. Elijah Mann doesn’t go overboard here though. He gives you emotive Americana with an indie singer-songwriter exterior. I could hear Elijah Mann singing this everywhere from opening for the likes of Frank Turner to being on a playlist alongside Taylor Swift’s ‘folklore’ release. It is as diverse in sound as it is a beautiful homage to a goodbye. 

“Dust Storm Darlin’” is the newest single from Elijah Mann. It follows “Clementine” from earlier this year as well as a couple of EPs spanning back to his 2016 debut, ‘To Fall Apart.’ To hear all of the above and then some from Elijah Mann, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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