“IMMORTAL” by Still The Man

Still The Man is a Danish two piece that consists of vocalist and drummer Ole Løhde and Kirstoffer Veirumas guitarist, bass and synths. The unique band has decided to give their style a bit of a change and have released a stoner/garage rock type song, the first of many releases to come.

“IMMORTAL” is a song that deals with growing older in the youth-obsessed world of today, the music video starts off as an old school comedic type of infomercial and it will immediately grasp your attention. This new sound from them is something to be admired. The drums mixed with the drums is a perfect mix for a post punk/ stoner rock cocktail. The deep vocals of Ole makes you feel like you have drifted off into space, the duo is bringing something fun to the table.

If you are feelings scared of getting older, no worries, other people feel the same way as you do. When an artist makes a song that you can relate to, it automatically makes the song more elevated, Still The Man has reached that elevation. While you’re finishing up the song, you’re going to want to know more about Still The Man, a duo that has now peaked your interest.

Still The Man may have now become your favorite band, thankfully they have many singles to come this summer. Keep discovering more of them as you wait.

“Cause everyone needs a little Still The Man in their lives to fight off the boredom of mundane existence.” – Still The Man

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits please: Amira Gluhic




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