Artist Interview: “Molly” by future.exboyfriend

Q: “Molly” is such a captivating, catchy song! Did any real-life events influence this track?

future.exboyfriend: Yes actually! I went to life is beautiful in Las Vegas and got most of my belonging stolen, (phone, wallet all of my money) but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with every attractive stranger there haha.

Q: I read that you guys shared the stage with other dream pop/indie pop musicians Piinegrove, Remi Wolf, and Sports, who are all pretty popular! What did working with these artists teach you?

future.exboyfriend: That taught us that these artists are playing the stages they are and have the fans they have because they are REALLY REALLY good. So it just made us want to step up our game. 

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

future.exboyfriend: Stonerdisco is my favorite. 

Q: What was your guys’ favorite part in making “Molly”? Can you walk me a little through your creative process?

future.exboyfriend: This song came really fast, I think I wrote it in about a day in my studio. We are 100% self produced so our demos end up being really close to the finish product. My favorite part was having our friends Jane Beeson and Hadley Nelson do the “cheerleader” vocals in the chorus. 

Q: How is the music scene in Utah? Is there a hot-spot for indie artists there?

future.exboyfriend: Honestly, the music scene here is kinda crazy. So many talented artists are coming out of here, of all genres. 

Q: Who would you most like to collaborate with, if it could be anyone in the world?

future.exboyfriend: I would love to write with Mark Ronson, Pharrell, Tyler the Creator or Kevin Parker.

Q: What do you hope listeners take away from listening to “Molly”?

future.exboyfriend: I think molly is a really fun song, so I hope people have a good summer listening to it. 

What’s next for you guys in your musical journey?

future.exboyfriend: Molly is the first single off of our upcoming album, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Written by Melissa Cusano







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