“Excelsior” by Damn Renegades

Damn Renegades are three piece punk/classic rock band from Philadelphia, many things happened in 2020 and as we know many people started doing new things, learning new things or starting new things. Damn Renegades was built in 2020 in the crazy times, they regret none of it and haven’t looked back since then.

The three friend consist of vocalist and guitarist Ryan Gattini, bassist and vocalist Dillion Finn and Vinnie Muckey as the drummer. Damn Renegades has released long awaited EP “Excelsior” with the help of Zach Brown who recorded this EP at Studio North in Philly.

The multi talented trio has many styles, “Blitzed” shows off their hardcore punk side, with a hint of metal. It’s the perfect recipe for an epic mosh pit that will undoubtedly be started. This fun song is a great introduction to Damn Renegades, “Blitzed” allows you to get out all the angst, anxiety and anger you might have. The epic guitar solo will make your jaw hit the floor, the insanity behind the song will keep you calm in the chaos.

The classic side of Damn Renegades starts to show with “Silver Sinking Sand”, it’s a guitar heavy song with a ting of a country sound to it. This song makes you want to grab a drink and kick back with your buddies as you just talk about life. This EP has a way of keeping you engaged, although “Silver Sinking Sand” and “Skinwalkers” were on the slower side, doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten how to party.

“Red and Blue” and “Parasite” picks the paces back up, “Parasite” is ending the album but they finish it with a grunge song that just won’t quit. This nostalgic type song is what is going to keep you hooked. The entirety of “Excelsior” is something that’ll have you either vibing out or moshing with friends.

Damn Renegades are an unforgettable band, you can add them to your list of favorite bands.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Haille Kern





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