“I Want You to Want Me” by Wednesday’s Child

Coming from the great city of London is a unique band called Wednesday’s Child, which they’ve labeled themselves as a punk/psych rock band with a jazz twist. “I Want You to Want Me” is the latest single from the singer/songwriters Emily Robert and Georgia Williams, this single is something that does not disappoint. The ladies of Wednesday’s Child are continuing to build themselves up and they hope you stay along for the ride.

This could be considered a love song but they are putting a twist on it by showing the raw, real side of love. The angelic vocals bring you in and you feel like you’re floating on a cloud when all of a sudden you are quickly falling and you feel anxious but then you’re lifted right back up. That is the up’s and down of “I Want You to Want Me”, this experimental song is one you can’t help but to love.

Wednesday’s Child has a way of making you feel calm amidst the chaos that they have brought. The dark, demented, yet uplifting song is sure to become a favorite, the light vocals mixed with the darker, deeper vocals drags you deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of Wednesday’s Child.

This song gets you excited for more of their releases to come, Wednesday’s Child is well on their way to catching the eyes and ears of many more people. They will undoubtedly make it to the top and become a favorite amongst the people who love to hear a new, fresh sound.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Tuuli Turunen and Caitriona O’Connor





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