“Janurary 22” by Whitbeck

Whitbeck is a four piece Canadian band that was started by vocalist, producer and award winning guitarist Greg Whitbeck, the group also includes Mario Loubert and Shiraz Mohammed in the rhythm section and guitarist Sean Dillon. The alternative rock band had released their first album “January 22”, which was recorded, mixed and produced but Greg in the cabin of his 27′ Albin Vega sailboat.

“January 22” is not only the album title but also the third single from the album and was their first release into the world as a band. Introducing themselves to the world with “January 22” was a smart choice, this song showcases Gregs vocals and the variety of the rhythm section. And to answer your question, yes we will still love you.

“West Coast Love” is the first video of that the group as released this year, the song that features Susana Williams is showing a darker side of Whitbeck. The grunge tone, mixed with the echoes of the vocals will ring in your ears long after the song has ended.

Whitbeck has a classic sound that won’t age for many years to come, songs like “Carpe Diem Sunrise” and “Pieces” are emotional songs that you can’t get enough of. They are a group that can make you feel multiple emotions at once, they make you want to open up about how you’re feeling.

“Drama On Hastings Street” sounds like the title of a telenovela, you know that there is an intense story behind it. As you listen on to the song you’ll become more and more engaged, it showcases all the sides that you’ve seen thus far from Whitbeck. It’s slow, dramatic, powerful and brings the heat, close your eyes and enjoy the “Drama In Hastings Street”.

The album is coming to an end with “What In The World” and “In Other Words”, which brings out two different sides of them, they leave you with more questions than answers. Who is Whitbeck? Where did they come from? And how can I hear more of their music? Even though they gave you 45 min of their time, you still want more.

Kick back and relax with “January 22” from Whitbeck, an album that you are sure to love. Their unique yet classic style will keep you wanting more and more, they are a wholesome band that is for all ages, everyone including you will love them.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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