“Sounds Nicer When Nasty” by Nasty P

The world today longs for nostalgia, you can’t but to think about what was, especially when it comes to music. You hear a great remix and all of a sudden your transported back to that year. “Sounds Nicer When Nasty” is a collection of remixes released from Nasty P, he is a DJ, producer, and turntablist all the way from Edinburgh. This was recorded and produced all on his own in his home studio in Glasgow/Edinburgh.


Starting with a Frank Ocean song is an instant win, Nasty P took a classic already sexy song, slowed it down and made it sexier. The point of remixed is to make a new song out of an old one and Nasty P has already achieved that with only the first song.

You would think that switching to Taylor Swift after that would kill the mood, but Nasty P has turned Taylor Swift into T-Swizzy. The song brings out major chill vibes, makes you want to kick back with the homies and just hang out. It’s a great background song for a party, board game night or video game night.

Lately Fergie has been back in people’s mind because of the Jack Harlow mix “First Class”, and with Nasty P’s remix she’s going to keep being the talk of the town. “Glamorous” remix makes you want to dance and continue the good time you’re having.

Nasty P knows how to bring any mood for any occasion, the Smooth Operator remix is a down to earth chill sexy mix that will have you bobbin your head from side to side as you zone out. This is the club mix you play when you’re trying to slow the mood down.

As you get closer to the end of the album, you might want to think about playing DJ Nasty P’s original mixes, they’re produced with the same fire and passion that was put into making “Sounds Nicer When Nasty”. These songs do indeed sound nicer when nasty, these songs make you desire more of Nasty P.

The Weeknd and Billie Eillish are the perfect two artists to end off the album, Nasty P is bringing you to a slow seductive ending with these two. If DJ Nasty P isn’t your favorite Dj, he will be after you encounter this album of remixes.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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