“Popsick” by gloomy june, The Y Axes

You may know them as the ever so popular The Y Axes, as the four piece got to know themselves more, they thought a rebrand would suit them best. So here they are, coming from San Francisco is gloomy june, which consists of singer Alexi Rose Belchere (she/her), guitarist Devin Nelson (he/they), bassist Jack Sundquist (he/him), and drummer Ash Hyatt (they/them).

“Popsick” is their latest EP and it’s full of queer anthemic songs about anxiety, something is easy to relate to. The group has released a number of music videos to go along with their songs. “Save Anyone”, “Always Gonna Let You Down”, and “This Party Is A Warzone are their top three songs so it should come as no surprise that they released videos to those tracks.

“Save Anyone” is going to get the party going, Alexi has the perfect vocals for a pop punk, indie sound, she immediately will have you hooked. Their nostalgic sound will have all the millenials going crazy and gen z will love their authentic sound.

If you feel like no matter what you’re going to disappoint someone then “Always Gonna Let You Down” will be your perfect track, it’s for the ones who feel like their imperfections are a problem. The dynamic of the group makes you want to know more of them and their music.

“Go Fast” is a groovy track that makes you want to dance with your baby, this summertime song is cute, quirky and yet somehow sexy. gloomy june seems to have found their sound and it’s working for them. These are all songs that are enjoyable for everyone.

Their upbeat somber music will make you love them, they will easily become on of your favorite groups. Now is a great chance to go see them live since they are touring across the US right now, their shows are sure to be just as fun as you’d imagine.

Written by Jaye Maverick

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