‘Sea’ by Said Sara

Got some mommy issues going on there? It’s okay, the writer of this review has some of those lingering as well. The exhaustion and toils of life pull busy mothers, particularly single mothers, away from their children whom they do deep down love. This can create a disconnect that has a negative impact on every part of life. That’s why you’ll want to check out this song that explores the idea of motherly love, and the fading of that in a world where work steals so much of life. It’s called ‘Sea’ by Said Sara, and it’s begging for you to give it a listen.

‘Sea’ is an amazingly done acoustic track with raw musicianship and production with vocals that stick out. The basis in an acoustic guitar is perfect for this punky folk tune, and the harmonica is a nice bright buzzy touch. This is a weird song, in a great way. Everything about it, down to the tone, has an original sound. It’s a sound that’s jarring in a captivating and amazingly done way. Every bit of emotion in the vocals stands out, and the bass has a bit of a plucky and gravely sound, carrying a deep dark tone within the track, and then there are brighter chimey noises that fill the brightest portions. The use of stereo near the end adds a great extra hook, letting the vocals stand out even more for a bit. This song is great and interesting, and there’s a lot to explore within it.

‘Sea’’s point of interest extends past the music into the poetic lyricism. It seems to tell the story. “She keep ’em breathing / Mother of five,” the lyrics elaborate on this concept. This character in the narrative swims back out to sea in apathy. A concept it may be depicting is the accidental apathy of a mother taking care of many. Taking care of children is expensive and requires tons of work. In a way, the track seems to take motherly exhaustion and difficulties growing up due to the disconnect this exhaustion creates. It’s about the toils of labor and the way that it’s necessary but wastes so much precious time.

Said Sara, or David Benson, is a musician and multi-instrumentalist who does almost all of his own work on the music he creates. He created every bit of ‘Sea’ other than the mastering which was lent a hand by Jesse Nichols. Benson got his start playing in metal bands, and eventually grew into a more progressive post-folk sound that can be heard within ‘Sea.’ This artist makes some interesting and fresh music, and you’ve likely heard nothing like it before.

Written by Sage Plapp





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