“Confide” by Moosa Saleem

“Confide” by Moosa Saleem offers a warm, comforting atmosphere, defined by ever-present acoustic guitar, reverb-doused background vocals, and introspective lyrics. The listener needs not worry too much about analyzing the song, as they’re doubtlessly too busy sinking into the subtle, well-crafted ambiance. Moosa clearly has a knack for the minute details necessary to create an emotionally moving track.

The first line sets the scene perfectly: “Eyes haven’t yet processed the physical world.” There’s a vagueness to this phrase, yet it manages to evoke this tender, intimate emotion. An acoustic guitar thrums wholesomely on top of a gentle synth swell. The melody follows this non-repetitive yet achingly familiar arc made to sound effortless by Moosa’s organic vocals. A few production tricks give the song a bit of cheekiness, such as the bold echo ricocheting off the word, “fairly.”

After a satisfying chorus, another verse rolls around, this time with a different singer, presumably Jeremiah De Rozario. Jeremiah’s tone differs significantly from Moosa’s in that it’s much brighter. This difference adds a pleasant juxtaposition to the second half of the song, in addition to some enthralling rhythmic changes in the melody and accompaniment. The lyrics get a little more angsty, as the singer cries, “all my friends, they hate me.” From here, the song certainly becomes dramatic and heated. The instrumentation ramps up in conjunction with the heightened emotion. Eventually, the song fades with a few careful guitar strums and a wistful lyric.

Be sure to check out Moosa Saleem if you love a good, meaningful indie-pop tune. “Confide” is a shining example of Moosa’s musicianship and natural talent.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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