“Lost Child” by ALLY THORN

“Lost Child” by ALLY THORN is effortlessly catchy, beautifully performed, and overall thrilling to listen to. Ally’s voice manages to be bright and warm all at once as it takes on the grounded and rather touching lyrical content. The arc of the song itself ebbs and flows in all the right places, providing just what you need from a soft-pop masterpiece.

The song begins with an angelic fade-in, topped with a clean guitar riff. Ally comes in crooning, “In the silence, things seem so simple.” Here, she sets the basis of helplessness and confusion that trails through the rest of the song. Her head voice carries this emotional integrity, giving each word layers that inevitably engender catharsis. The pre-chorus rolls in with a brand-new melody, this time a little higher and more volatile than the last. The rhythm suddenly becomes a more intentional part of the motifs, and we feel the imminence of the chorus.

“I’m a lost child running in a circle now…” Ally wails, as a casual yet satisfying drum groove pulses steadily. That guitar riff from the intro returns, and harmonies spill through the mix. The chorus gives us all the memorability and rhythmic stability we could’ve asked for. Plus, the message of the song gets stitched together here. There’s not just a cry for help here, but a desire for connection and maybe even self-actualization.

If you want to hear about the next two minutes of this one, you ought to just give it a listen. The growth this song undergoes after the first chorus is gorgeous, and definitely worth sticking around for!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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