“Terraformed” by Fantømex

Fantømex is Western North Carolina’s next greatest hit, the post hardcore/indie punk band packs a wild punch. The Asheville/Morganton crew consists of longtime besties guitarist Isaac Crouch and drummer Edwin Mericle, vocalist Abigail Taylor who also provides intense, thought provoking lyrics and the newest addition to the group is bassist Max Miller who gives punchy bass line and imaginative song lyrics.

“Fantomcatz” is the first song they give you which is very in your face, it is showing their heavy punk side and a song that you will find irresistable. The grit of the vocals and grit of the guitar are a perfect mix for the bass and drums to be as deep and heavy as they want, this song instantly pull you in.

Being gaslit is an action you may know about, the feelings behind feeling gaslit can make you feel overwhelmed. The folky/punk sound of “Gaslight” brings you in with a killer intro. The song is more than worthy of a proper mosh pit, the track makes you feel all that pent up anger you may have been holding on to.

With the EP coming to an end, they decide to bring you a unique track “Machine”, the wonkiness of the guitar makes your brain do some flips. It has its soft moments as well as the heavy moments, it brings you up and down at the perfect time. Abigail really pulls you in on every song with her vocals.

The EP is more punk than indie, it rocks hard and does not disappoint in any way. The group really knows how to craft excellent songs, there’s no doubt about that, what makes them stick out is that you can sense there passion in every note they play. They are a band that will become your favorite if they aren’t already.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Geddi Monroe




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