“Light Roars” by 1st Base Runner

1st Base Runner may be a name that you’re familiar with, solo artist Tim Husmann is back with his first release of the year “Light Roars”. The Austin, TX experimental indie rock artist is also a multi instrumentalist and a producer which made him think that for this EP he should use live drums and bigger guitars to make his sound heavier.

For this EP “Light Roars”, Tim says that he enhances the edgy post-punk, gothic atmospherics and expansive post-rock elements of the project as well as the dark, emotionally poignant lyrical themes.

“Light Roars” starts with a song that makes you feel like you’re on a cloud that is in your own universe, it lifts you off to different heights. “In the Beginning” is showing off his airy vocals of Tim, he soothes you and makes you feel like he’s singing only for you and your emotions. When the song softly picks up, you start to get more into the zone and deeper into your somber.

“Pushing Away” is different from what “In the Beginning” brings to the EP, it has a fiery guitar riff that instantly brings you into the song. The heavy bass that is deep in the background makes you feel your own heartbeat, the drums add an upbeat vibes to the song while the vocals makes you feel like you’re daydreaming.

As you keep playing through the EP and you get to “Give Up the End”, you’ll get the indie rock side that you know and love from 1st Base Runner. There is a bit of a post punk edge to it as well. “Light Roars” has been a dark and gothic EP thus far and “Give Up the End” sticks to that vibe and does not disappoint.

It’s always sad when something great ends and that sadness is no different as you’re finishing up “Light Roars”. The EP takes you through the dark, deep forest that is “Light Roars”, something that you won’t regret listening to.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Heather Gildroy

Cover Artwork by Matt Needle




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