“Reset” by Skar de Line

The first chapter in a new autobiographical suite of music from Skar de Line is musical catharsis, housing intricate melodies amidst a beautiful atmosphere.

Abandoning standard song structures, Skar de Line has opted for a more cinematic approach to “Reset”. It pays off dramatically well to say the least and adds further originality and uniqueness to the artist already eclectic approach to music. Housing distorted strings and metronomic drums that increase in dynamics to fulfill a massive finish.

Based in London but born and raised in Sweden, Skar de Line’s influences range from cinema soundtracks ro hip hop and electronic metal. His musical presence is beautifully dark and mysterious but undeniably optimistic in essence. Placing an emphasis on freedom, his music looks towards a brighter future.

“Reset” asks the bigger questions of life; “Who am I?”, “What Do I Believe In?” and “Is there anything we can hold on to forever?”. It does so with grace and maturity, exploring these tough concepts with a musical tenacity that’s tough to pinpoint but impossible to ignore.

The darkness of the Hamletic self-reflection is masterfully portrayed in the visuals of the accompanying cinematic music video. The video is calling back to a dramatic neo-noir black-and-white art style, and Skar de Line is dressed in black in the darkness to blend in with the dark background, the surroundings he wants to break free from.

An amazing single that’s eclectically rich and full of emotion, “Reset” is stunning from start to finish. Stream it today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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