“Red Rider” by The Margaret Hooligans

Coming from the township of Bala Cynwyd, PA comes duo Meg Cratty and Mr. Strontium. Lead vocalist Meg Cratty also provides the quirkiness with her electric ukulele and Mr. Strontium who kills it on the drums, teapot and back up vocals. The Margaret Hooligans describes their music as garage rock, funk, and soul to create a swirl of sloppy transcendence.

The latest single from the duet, “Red Rider” will be the third single off their upcoming album “Turntable Tribulations” which is due to be out in October. “Red Rider” was recorded in the basement of Piety Street Publishing, mixed and mastered by Jon Huxtable of Smallfish Recordings, and was produced by Mr. Strontium.

If you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, then you’ll love this take on “Red Rider” from The Margaret Hooligans. The dark, slow yet fast paced track along with the music/lyric video will have you hypnotized, you’ll feel like you’re living the story and not listening to a song.

The unique track that is “Red Rider” will be a song that you cannot get enough of, it makes you want to dance, run in a circle, do the circle jerk, it makes you feel rambunctious. “I am free” is an invitation for you to go absolutely crazy, free your mind and lose yourself in “Red Rider”.

The Margaret Hooligans should be your favorite band if they aren’t already, keep an eye out for their upcoming album and keep blasting the unique song “Red Rider”.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Melissa Nannen




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