“Boy Image” by Henry Ryeder

Brooklyn, New York based solo artist Henry Ryeder is a not only a musician but also a sound designer. They studied film at NYU Tisch and chose to focus on the audio components of the storytelling part which turned into them recording and producing their own music. Henry says that this collection of songs is both meticulous and vulnerable bedroom pop, then makes a joke that the bedroom being about as huge as one could hope to find in New York.

“Boy Image” is the first release from Henry this year and judging by the listens his previous songs had, it as been long awaited. “Childhood Shuffle” is a light and airy song that shows the massive range that Henry has vocally, the high pitched vocals and the deeper tones is just the beginning of what Henry has to show.

As you get further into the album, you get to self titled track, “Boy Image”. Once again Henry is showing his amazing vocal talents. His voice is what instantly entices you to his music, and the instruments are a nice compliment to his vocals. You can really hear the attention to detail that goes into every song, when you listen to Henry Ryeder it transports you into a different plane.

If you’ve got the itch to dance then keep playing the album, “Love Ain’t No Open Door” is a funky, upbeat song that immediately makes you want to get up and dance. This is a fun loving song that has a very nostalgic vibe but yet still has a fresh, new balance to it.

On the opposite end come “Hey Suicide”, it is quite different from a lot of songs on the album so far. Lyrically the song is providing rawness and realness, the vulnerability that is shown throughout the song makes it just as lovable as any other song that is on “Boy Image”.

As you start to wrap up “Boy Image”, you start to feel like you understand Henry Ryeder a bit more, the 80s sound that “2022” is almost a bit ironic but you can’t help but to love it. Henry ends with a dance track, it is a song that is addicting and fun.

“Boy Image” takes you on a whirlwind of emotions then leaves you on a high note, this may be the album that makes Henry Ryeder one of your favorite artists. He opens up to you and allows you to not feel so alone in your own mind, the album is something you are going to play on your best and worst days.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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