“What Can I Do?” by Connor Terrones ft. Julian Cary & Roy Matz

Connor Terrones…a name you may not be too familiar with just yet. “What Can I Do?” is the first release from Connor. The Denver, CO guitarist and vocalist is here to show you why he loves music and give you the best of what he has. Connor had help with the recording from Nashville, TN co-producer and engineer Jarod Atol.

“What Can I Do?” is the subject of mental and emotional abuse, it dives into the subject of gaslighting. When writing this song, Connor had help from his very good friend Julian Cary, from there they found that the song was rooted in the feelings you get when you’re being taken advantage of.

When an artist makes a song that is relatable it makes it pretty impossible to not love. “What Can I Do?” is a song you’ll instantly love. This slower jazzy, r&b, hip hop type track quickly brings you in with the the sexiness of it, it has similarities to “Green Eyed Love” from Mayer Hawthorne.

The uniqueness of the track “What Can I Do?” makes you wonder what else Connor has up his sleeve. Connor Terrones may very well become one of your top artists and with a song like “What Can I Do?” It’s well deserved.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Willym Brown




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