“Best I’ve Ever Had” by Peter Gural

Peter Gural has a natural instinct for chords and melody. His release “Best I’ve Ever Had,” is an amalgamation of some of the most effective progression and interval combinations known to mankind. His melodies complement the instrumentation in such a way that it’s pretty undeniable that Peter knows what he’s doing. He’s intentional but comes across as effortless.

The song kicks off with a sentimental voicemail from a loved one. A light, nostalgic guitar riff drifts underneath, soon accompanied by an upbeat drum fill. Lyrics fill the sonic space as Peter tells the story of two long-distance lovers. He cries, “I would rather have you near / But that’s not in the cards.” The melody adheres to this slightly melancholy arpeggio, emphasizing that yearning feeling.

The chorus, preceded by some tasteful harmonies, pops in with a new, tantalizing chord progression. Each new chord offers a different emotion: The first feels stable, while the second is uneasy. The third is intensely relieving and satisfying, while the fourth is breathtakingly exciting. These choices give the chorus a feeling no lyric could possibly emulate. It’s a clear indicator of masterful songwriting.

The rest of the song boasts some quickfire guitar riffs, a slew of pleasant harmonies, and a slow, washy bridge. Not only does Peter Gural cover all of his bases with this song, but he exceeded what was necessary to make it good. If you like Indie or Alternative music, this song will delight you. Be sure to check out Peter Gural’s discography!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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