“Bumfuzzle” by Juniper Avenue

Some of the best relationships are formed early in life, the same could be said for the guys of Juniper Ave. Coming from Raleigh, North Carolina are four friends who met in high school Jazz Band and the rest is becoming history. Graham Levy is giving the sick guitar riffs with Luke Baker backing him up on rhythm guitar and also vocals, drummer Jeremy Adinolfi makes you go wild while the bass from Cody Everest is the heartbeat of the band

This latest single Bumfuzzle” and their upcoming album “Chuck Rock” was recorded and produced by Juniper Avenues very own guitarist, Graham Levy.

If the Beatles played heavy punk, they would be Juniper Avenue in “Bumfuzzle”. This genreless song gives so many different vibes, one feels very beachy, you also feel like you can hop in a mosh pit or if you’re lucky enough crowd surf. It makes you feel floaty while also feeling like it’d be cool if “Bumfuzzle” played in the background while you’re fighting someone.

This newest single is a fever dream, the lyrics are meant to describe a state of unbalanced equilibrium; spontaneous and random thoughts one after another. After listening to the song you will understand that fever dream feeling, when the song ends you’ll be left wondering what happened but you’ll crave more.

Hop on the Juniper Avenue train and see why they are getting more and more popular each day.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Luke Baker




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