“Of Dreams, Nightmares and the Undoubtable Benefits of Sleep Deprivation” by SaturneVille

Two people…seven years. SaturneVille is a duo that you would think comes from some alien planet and you would be right. This half french, half alien duo has decided to release music after a seven year hiatus, this album will feature spoken word, some lofi, hip hop elements and dreamy electronics. Djama is the one behind the keyboard who is putting you in a dream like state and Alaska Flo is a self proclaimed soul crooner.

“Of Dreams, Nightmares and the Undoubtable Benefits of Sleep Deprivation” is designed around the theme of dreams and nightmares. It starts with “The Venusian Sleepover” hits you immediately with that experimental element then switches your mindset over to a relaxed feeling. This hip hop beat is perfect for studying or just getting out of your own head, it makes you feel floaty.

You can jump onto the next cloud and take a listen to their most popular song, “(The Ancient and Honorable Art of Suburban) Sleepwalking”. This gives you a natural high feeling as you listen to it, it takes away any anxiety that you may have had…in a way it’s therapeutic. It’s no wonder it’s received over 12,000 listens.

You learn more and more about the duo and their uniqueness, it does indeed feel like their music is alien like. “Russian Lips” feels like this song is more on the slower, weirder yet romantic side, the randomness in the middle is refreshing and you don’t lose the smoothness of the track.

In fact this smoothness continues into the next song, when you were younger did you ever fear of monsters under your bed? “He Likes the Dark” is the background track you’d play in your head as you lifted up your bed sheet, when you see there’s nothing there, the track will entice you to dance.

SaturneVille has made an album that anyone can enjoy, it’s great for 1:00am nights when you’re writing music reviews or perhaps you’ve got the desire to clean, the album fulfills the desires you don’t know how to ask for. “Sparklin'” makes you spin as the anxiety and negativity leave your brain.

“Sparklin'” isn’t the only track that makes you think less and enjoy life more, the entire album of “Of Dreams, Nightmares and the Undoubtable Benefits of Sleep Deprivation” gets you relaxed and not so worried about the small stuff. The tension that releases from your body after you’ve listened to the album is the same release you get after a massage.

It may have taken 7 years, but you can’t help but to smile and be happy that Saturneville has chosen release an album of such greatness.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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