“Teeth (Cyanides)” by Sebastian Clarin

Sebastian Clarin is a Swedish solo artist, he calls himself a mysterious low-key singer songwriter. What makes Sebastian so mysterious, perhaps it’s the brooding lyrics or his dark demeanor..either way he is making music for you to love. “Teeth (Cyanides)” has heavy synths but yet is very melodic, you can see what he means by low-key.

Although the song is are the darker side, there is a lightness to it that makes you want to dance. The vibes of being alone in your room, in your feelings with a red light on and this song playing in the background is something to be admired. Sebastian really taps into the unknown and leaves you wanting more.

Just because the year is 2022 doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sounds of the 80s and that’s exactly what Sebastian provides on “Teeth (Cyanides)”. A nostalgic track despite it being new, it makes you feel a intense but calm emotions.

It makes you excited for what Clarin has in store for the future. This may only be the second release from the artist, you can tell from his first release that amazing things are coming. You can only hope that you are able to get a couple more songs from Sebastian before the year is up.

Dance party in your room while playing Sebastian Clarin….yes please.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Johan Avedal



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