“Lullaby Time” by Dull of Down

If you’re amongst the thousands of listeners the Dull of Down has on Spotify, then you’re ahead of the curve. If this is your first introduction to them…..welcome to the ride. The three piece Finnish band has gone through some recent changes but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing hits such as “Lullaby Time”. Guitarist and vocalist Lasse Hyytinen introduced the world to two new members at the end of 2021, drummer Kim Rintamäki and bassist Jari Kärkkäinen were officially a part of Dull of Down.

“Lullaby” is part of a double single release, both “Lullaby” and “Raymond” were played at recorded at Astia Studio, the band had help with mixing from Miitri Aaltonen and mastering done by Nashville’s own Steve Corrao.

Gritty, that’s one word that may pop in your head as the track starts. “Lullaby Time” is anything but a lullaby, it’s has heavy drums and guitar that just won’t quit, and when you hear that bass you’ll feel your heartbeat in your ears. This song is giving you space to feel nostalgic and yet it also makes you feel like a brand new person.

Getting that breath of fresh air is only going to make you want more of Dull of Down, it’s a great chance to explore more about them and their music. They are addicting and you’re not going to be able to get enough, their popularity makes sense. When you make great music it’s hard not to attract people.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Janne Ruippo




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