‘Mocean’ by Jack Landess

Life is full of change and growth, which is at baseline a good thing. But there’s also so much that goes into change. Whether it be for a big move, or just growing up, many times we have to move forward from people that we truly love. Life changes and environments change, and sometimes those environments mean losing people. Jack Landess has a song to share exploring this topic from the eyes of someone who’s just moved for college. It’s called ‘Mocean,’ and it’s available alongside his latest single from a 5-track EP that’s been in the works.

‘Mocean’ nicely guides you into its chill vibes with sounds of rushing water which introduces a nice folksy guitar line sure to pull you straight in. In this intro, the bass guides you nicely along, and all of a sudden reverb rises and some energy and electricity are thrown into the track with a more synth-based guitar production. The vocals are breathy and have a nice rasp, and they perfectly build into the overall atmosphere. This is one of those songs that has an easy-going flow and pulls you into a daydream-like trance, but it’s also loaded with somber emotions. Being fully-crafted by Jack Landess himself, you can tell this track came from pure emotion and musical passion, and it serves as the lead track of an EP that’s on the way.

The lyricism is the aspect in ‘Mocean’ where much of the somberness comes in. The music is fun and smooth, but the lyrics explore feelings of loneliness and being pulled away on the winds of life. It’s super relatable, especially today. The world is rapidly changing and pulling us forward, and many of us feel caught so caught up that we’re disconnected from those around us. This track was written from a genuine place with Landess playing off of his own emotionality in his writing. It comes from the true tale of him moving forward to college and losing people who are close to him in the process. This is one of those songs that, as soon as you listen to the lyrics, you just feel it. It produces the perfect hit, especially when it contrasts the easy-going musicianship.

Jack Landess is a solo artist who started developing his synthy indie sound while at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. ‘Mocean’ is a great single in the way it shows how well he can craft a track in the confines of a dorm room. In concerts, Landess plays guitar and synths while singing, and he produces all of his music himself. The way he crafts his music shows talent, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s made his way worldwide through the radio and has had plays in Venezuela, Brazil, and Uganda. Some of his main influences are Boy Pablo, Dayglow, and Henry Nowhere, but these influences shine through in an original way that makes his music surely his own. As Landess puts it, “As long as one person likes the song, I think I’ve done my job,” and you know what? He’s absolutely done his job and went above and beyond at that. He just dropped his latest single ‘Sun’s Out,’ which is another track that’s sure to pull you straight into its synthy soundscape.

Written by Sage Plapp




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